Cat Back packs that are Airline approved

Many European airlines look favorably on pets flying in cabin with their owners. Most Airlines in Europe are pet-friendly and accept carrier travel on cabin for pets. We put together list of a few airlines that approve carry on pet carriers so that your pup can be with you on all times.

Please make sure that you book in your ticket & your pet’s ticket in advance as well as having all the required travel documents and health certificates.

1- KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – Netherlands

You can take your small dog or cat with you in most KLM flights whether you are traveling in the economy or business class.

  • You have a limit of 3 pets in the cabin. Above this number and the pets will need to be shipped in cargo.
  • Total weight of 8 kg for the pet and the carrier combined
  • Pets must be at least 10 weeks old
  • Maximum size of the carrier (46 x 28 x 24)
  • Cost: 30 – 200 Euros depending on the destination

Full policy here

2- Air France – France 

Airfrance are one of the top ranking pet friendly airlines when it comes to cabin and cargo travel for pets. The carrier must be well ventilated and big enough for the pet to stand up and turn around. The carrier bag also must fit underneath the front seat.

  • Total weight of the pet and carrier is 8 kg combined
  • Pet must be at least 10 weeks old
  • Each passenger may travel with only 1 pet
  • They don’t accept pets in business cabin on intercontinental flights.
  • Maximum size of the carrier (46 x 28 x 24) cm. For your comfort on board. Air France recommends that you use flexible bag
  • Cost:
    • Domestic Routes € 40
    • Routes within Europe: € 55

Full policy here

4- Iberia – Spain

Iberia airlines accept dogs, cats, fish, birds and turtles (except birds of prey) in their cabin. The great thing is that you can also carry several animals of the same species in one carrier if they are small and light enough

  • Maximum weight of 8 kg for both the pet and the carrier
  • Measurement not to exceed 105 cm (45 x 35 x 25)
  • Carrier to be strong, ventilated and have waterproof floor
  • Cost:
    • Domestic routes (except Canaries): € 35
    • Canaries, Europe, North Africa & MiddleEast: € 50
    • America & Asia: € 150

Full policy here 

5- Finnair – Finland

Finnair accept cabin flights for small pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits. They also accept cargo travel for bigger pets if the total doesn’t exceed 50 kg for both the pet and the cage/carrier.

  • Measurements: (L: 55 x W: 40 x H: 23) cm
  • Maximum weight of 8 kg for both the pet and the carrier
  • If you’re traveling with a puppy, it must be 8 weeks old minimum
  • For cats, dogs and rabbits, a soft carrier is the most convenient choice as it is flexible enough to fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Costs
    • Flights witih Europe, Russia & Middle East: € 50
    • Intercontinental flights € 90 

Full policy here

7- Aegean Airways – Greece

Small pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits are allowed to travel in the cabin fi the total weight doesn’t exceed 8 kg.

  • Each passenger is allowed to carry one pet that is has a minimum age of 12 weeks old.
  • Minimum pet age is 12 weeks
  • Cost
    • Domestic flights: € 20 - € 30
    • International flights: € 50 - € 60

Full policy here

8- Lot Polish Airlines – Poland

Lot is a pet friendly airline and they accept pets such as cats or dogs in the cabin or in the cargo hold. You can reserve a place for your pet on the plane by telephone LOT Contact Center (+48 22 577 77 55), or by website

  • Maximum weight of 8 kg for both the pet and the carrier
  • Minimum age of 3 months
  • Measurements
    • For b787 Airplane: (55 X 40 X 20)cm
    • For DH4, E70, E75, E95: (45 X 30 X 20)cm
  • Flight costs for a small pet in the cabin:
    • Domestic Flights in Poland190 PLN ( €40)
    • Europe/MiddleEast: 280 PLN (€60)
    • US/Canada/China/Japan: 465 PLN (€100)

Full policy here


We are happy with our research results but please always double check the airline policies in case they had change of terms. It is also important to check travel destination/transit policies regarding pets. Please contact the airline and confirm that your bag is compatible for a specific flight. We are not liable for any discrepancies, change of policies or issues with your bags and compliances.