Essentials to consider before heading out with your pup

Who says your furry friends can’t come on an adventure with you? Your pets deserve a break too, just like you! From now on, you can take your beloved pet with you on any journey and share beautiful moment together.

Be it a long hike or a short climb, there are few things to keep in mind before your adventures....

Food & Treats: This one goes without saying, your pet needs its daily dose of essential nutrition, so make sure there’s ample amount of food. Here’s an easy calculation: Know how much your pet consumes in 1 day? DOUBLE IT. Just so it’s enough.

Leash: One must be mindful of others, & we all know how excited or scared pets can get when they’re in a new environment. They may panic and at the worst run off or harm someone unintentionally. With a leash in hand, this won’t be a problem.

Poop Bags: Always remember to clean up after your pet. Remember, if your dog poops you scoop!

Toys: Take your pet’s favourite toys along just to keep them occupied when you’re in a mood to settle down.

Medication & First Aid: Incase on any mishaps, it's vital you carry the basic meds, bandages, betadine etc. that can help to buy some time until you reach the vet.

Water Bottle: It is very important to keep your pet hydrated! Pets are usually very active, especially when they’re out having fun with their pawtner. You can press here and see our pet water bottles collection.

A trusty pet-carrier:

Your pet will eventually get tired and you’ll need to carry it with a light, durable and easy to hold carrier, in order to keep your journey nice and smooth.

Therefore, we introduced – The Pet Bubble Backpack brought to you by The Paw Land. This paw-some backpack comes with 3 ventilation panels, 2 shoulder straps and a transparent bubble so your cat looks straight out of Meow-ter Space. Because let’s be honest, pet-astronaut training can be expensive. This practically designed pet carrier will provide an astronomical view of the world when you’re on your hikes, camping, biking or even something simple as driving in your car! It even comes with a side pouch for all your pet essentials like pet food, water, bibs and wipes so you’re always prepared for your furry friend. Pick up one at The Paw Land and your pet will be over-the-moon about it 🌙🚀


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Here’s to more exciting adventures!