5 reasons of why the cats are the best pets!

According to Statista.com, cats are the most popular pets in European households. Cat population is around 102 million, whereas dogs population is about 84.9 million.

Well, it’s easier to take care of a cat. Here are some examples why cats are the best pets:

1- Professional sleepers:

Ofcourse dogs love relax and cuddle but they also need their daily walk outdoors! Cats also love to enjoy the outdoors but it is not a daily requirements. Instead, Cats sleep around 14-16 hours a day! They always have that lazy eye whilst relaxing on the sofa, or anywhere really.


2- Nice and clean:

Honestly, washing some dogs can be a real mission! They must walk everyday and of course, get dirty! Dogs love to roll everywhere, in mud, grass, water, anything you can imagine! Whereas do not really have that outdoor daily exploration missions, so they don’t tend to get dirty! And even if they do, they tend to constantly clean them selves and shine like a diamond that they are.


3- Neighbour-Friendly

Well, cats don’t bark :D I think we said it all here.


4- Rain & Snow Resistant

In many countries its almost always raining & snowing! Creating an essential need for dog owners to get a winter coat for their dog whenever they need to go out! Whereas cats can be transported easily in a cat backpack, or a hard transporter, making it very easy to transport smoothly.


5- Playtime!

Ofcourse cats require playtime, but they will get very lazy and bored within a maximum of 30 minutes, you know they love their chill time. Unlike dogs that can actually continue playing fetch non stop for over an hour!

Don't get me wrong! We love dogs! We actually have a Chow-Chow! But cats are easier to be taken care of.