Your cat's mental and physical health

The joy of going outside for a walk on a beautiful sunny day is indispensable. Nothing more refreshing than enjoying a nice walk in the park, breathing fresh air, smelling the scents of nature and getting that vitamin D from the sun. Well, out pets also deserve to experience the joy and adventure of the outside.

Unfortunately, many cat owners don’t give their cats the opportunity to spend time outside and experience the nature. Cat owners are usually in fear that their cat will get hit by a car or get lost and never return. However, taking your cat outside can definitely be done safely!

You can simply carry your cat in a cat backpack or any comfortable cat transporter and go out to a nice park. Then you can attach the leash safely to your cat so it wont run away. Your cat will start with familiarising itself with the surroundings, the smells, the ground textures and the nature sounds.

Afterwards the cat will start walking around and exploring. Just make sure you always have your cat on leash on all times. After you finish your walk/hike you can put the cat in the cat backpack or cat transporter and head back home.

The wonders of the outdoors are numerous. Animal behaviourists admit that cats who frequently spend outside time are stimulated by all the sounds, sights and smells of nature.

This exposure improves the cats’ mental and physical health as well as relief of stress. Studies has also shown that lack of outdoor activity for cats could cause aggression towards humans and other household pets, as well as issues like increasing emotional stress due to environmental stimuli.

In summary, it's important to know the needs of your cat and to provide those needs accordingly. Use your best judgement to take care of this cute animal and make the best decisions for their health.