8 Do's and Don'ts When Backpacking with a Cat

Backpacking with your cat is an amazing experience as well as a challenge for pet owners. The popularity in backpacking with cats has dramatically increased in Europe and USA. People are realising that cats also need to see the outside and explore the nature. 

Here are our best tips for going backpacking with a cat on an adventure:


 Do's: Dont's
Train your cat to be familiar with the backpack Don't force or cage your cat in the carrier
Add a comfy cushion or a blanket inside the cat backpack so your cat feels homy Don't ignore your cat Meow's, comfort them.
Invest in a spacious cat backpack
Don't sacrifice on the backpack size and quality! Its a long term investment!
Bring portable water bottle & snacks
Don't overfeed your cat before a trip
Take frequent breaks  Don't visit very busy places on your first trip
Make sure your cat is vaccinated Keep an eye on your cats when they're outside the bag
Safety is a priority!  Don't forget to always keep your cat on leash when you take them outside the carrier 
Clean your cat's backpack
Don't wait too long to go on another trip :D


We hope the tips above will be helpful for you next time you plan a trip with your fluffy friend :)