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Cat Facts You Did Not Know.!! Part 2

Cats have been around for thousands of years, and they've changed a lot since their earliest days. The first cats were domesticated over 6500 years ago in Egypt. Domestic cats are now found all over the world and come in dozens of different breeds. They're carnivores with sharp retractable claws, teeth adapted for killing small prey, strong and flexible bodies, quick reflexes and keen senses including night vision!

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How To Keep Your Cat Fit

Just like people, cats also need to have a healthy life style and keep fit. Dr. Aimee Simpson, medical director of VCA Cat Hospital of Philadelphia said that 'cats need to eat less and move more in order to loose weight" You think cats are too lazy to exercise? Not true! we just need to encourage them and find them a way to become more active. Dr Lisa Radosta says that cats are not lazy, and they 'work hard, play hard, sleep hard'. Cats are built for intensive but short activities. Yes they love to sleep, but resting between these activities is normal. If your vet tells you that your cat needs to loose a few kilos, it means that you need...

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8 Do's and Don'ts When Backpacking with a Cat

Backpacking with your cat is an amazing experience as well as a challenge for pet owners. The popularity in backpacking with cats has dramatically increased in Europe and USA. People are realising that cats also need to see the outside and explore the nature.  Here are our best tips for going backpacking with a cat on an adventure:    Do's: Dont's Train your cat to be familiar with the backpack Don't force or cage your cat in the carrier Add a comfy cushion or a blanket inside the cat backpack so your cat feels homy Don't ignore your cat Meow's, comfort them. Invest in a spacious cat backpack Don't sacrifice on the backpack size and quality! Its a long term investment! Bring portable...

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Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Did you know that today, on April 30th is national adopt a pet day? Each year on April 30th, an awareness campaign is raised to adopt pets from shelters. This day encourages you to visit your nearest shelter and adopt a furry furriend. If you cannot adopt a pet, you can contribute by volunteering and helping in other ways, this will give you that wonderful animal love feeling. You can check the shelter's donation list and bring the items that you are able to give. 4 Reasons why you should adopt a pet: You will save two lives: - Adopting a pet is one of the best ways to bring joy to your world.Instead of buying from a breeder, or a person...

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17 Cat Facts You Did Not Know!

1- A group of cats is called a ‘Clowder’ 2- Cats are actually more popular in Europe than dogs. There are around 80.0 million cats versus 70.5 million dogs. 3- Cats can’t taste sweetness! Some scientists say that cats are “sweet blind”. We all know how sweet cats are but apparently cats lack the receptor of sweetness. 4- Cats meow as a way to communicate with humans. 5- Cats can recognise your voice! And yesss you were right, they were ignoring you. 6- Cats can rotate each of their ears 180 degrees and move them independently from each other. 7- Lack of cats physical activity can cause some diseases such as obesity, diabetes & osteoarthritis. Make sure your cat is...

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