17 Cat Facts You Did Not Know!

1- A group of cats is called a ‘Clowder’

2- Cats are actually more popular in Europe than dogs. There are around 80.0 million cats versus 70.5 million dogs.

3- Cats can’t taste sweetness! Some scientists say that cats are “sweet blind”. We all know how sweet cats are but apparently cats lack the receptor of sweetness.

4- Cats meow as a way to communicate with humans.

5- Cats can recognise your voice! And yesss you were right, they were ignoring you.

6- Cats can rotate each of their ears 180 degrees and move them independently from each other.

7- Lack of cats physical activity can cause some diseases such as obesity, diabetes & osteoarthritis. Make sure your cat is entertained and try to take your cat outside with a safe cat transporter so it can explore.

8- On average, cats can have up to 180 kittens in their lifetime, if they give birth every year.

9- Cats spend 2/3 of their life sleeping

10- Most European countries consider black cats are a symbol of bad luck. Whereas in Ireland they are considered as good luck.

11- Cats’ spine is extremely flexible and can rotate more than the spines of most animals.

12- The oldest cat ever lived is Creme Puff. He lived an amazing 38 years and 3 days in Texas, USA. He holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest cat ever

13- Cats can actually drink seawater. Their amazing kidneys are able to filter the salt out of the water.

14- Cats have excellent memories. Some experiments show that cats can recall memories for up to 10 years.

15- Cats can make almost 100 different sounds.

16- It is considered healthy to take your cat outside every 2-3 weeks. Just make sure they are vaccinated and you have the required accessories for your trip such as a cat transporter, leash and snacks.

17- Just like humans have a thumb print, each cat has a unique nose print that differentiate it from other cats.