Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Did you know that today, on April 30th is national adopt a pet day?

Each year on April 30th, an awareness campaign is raised to adopt pets from shelters. This day encourages you to visit your nearest shelter and adopt a furry furriend. 

If you cannot adopt a pet, you can contribute by volunteering and helping in other ways, this will give you that wonderful animal love feeling. You can check the shelter's donation list and bring the items that you are able to give.

4 Reasons why you should adopt a pet:

You will save two lives:

- Adopting a pet is one of the best ways to bring joy to your world.Instead of buying from a breeder, or a person of the internet, you can adopt a pet and save 2 lives. 1st is the pet that you will adopt and 2nd is the pet that will take the free spot.

However, having a pet is a big decision, but if you know that you are ready for such responsibility then make sure to go to your nearest shelter and get yourself a pet :D

You will save money:

Purchasing a special breaded dog or cat can set you back in thousands of Euros.  In comparison, taking a pet from a pet shelter will only cost you little fees.

Help stop commercial breeding:

Commercial breeding facilities are nightmares for animals! Pets are kept in cages for a long time without a proper nutrition, medical and emotional care. These facilities only focus on breeding as much pets as possible and selling them for the purpose of making money

Joining a community:

Rescue facilities love their animals and they usually keep on checking up on them. They usually do meet ups and create social media groups to show appreciation for adopters. This is a great way to meet people and grow in your local community. Usually these people also help each other in other ways such as looking for pet sitters or giving a pet related advice. 

Getting a shelter pet is one of the most gratifying things a person can do, make sure you don't miss this opportunity.