How To Keep Your Cat Fit

Just like people, cats also need to have a healthy life style and keep fit. Dr. Aimee Simpson, medical director of VCA Cat Hospital of Philadelphia said that 'cats need to eat less and move more in order to loose weight"
You think cats are too lazy to exercise? Not true! we just need to encourage them and find them a way to become more active.
Dr Lisa Radosta says that cats are not lazy, and they 'work hard, play hard, sleep hard'. Cats are built for intensive but short activities. Yes they love to sleep, but resting between these activities is normal.
If your vet tells you that your cat needs to loose a few kilos, it means that you need to start making diet and physical changes into your cat's lifestyle.
1- Cat Food Schedule
Get an automatic feeder so you can feed your cat only a specific amount per day. If you leave food in food bowls your cat could over eat! 
2- Play time schedule
Cats cant do so many hours of playing! You can arrange a few short periods of playtime during the day that range between 10-15 minutes each. Sit with your cats and try to play with them and keep them active.
I know cats get bored of their toys quickly but you must try different types of toys with different textures. Make sure to buy some interactive toys for your cat! This will encourage them to play and move a lot. You can also use some low fat snacks to motivate them. you can put some treats up and down of their cat tree house. 
4- Going outside
Any1 said adventure? well cats are pets of nature and they enjoy being outside! Going out for a walk with your cat is the perfect exercise. Not only a physical exercise but also mental. Your cat can enjoy the sun, smells and nature. Please make a sure that you always keep your cat on leash and have all the cat accessories needed for your trip. Make sure to have your cat in a spacious cat carrier or a cat transporter as they will get tired eventually. Make sure you also take a water bottle and snacks incase they got thirsty or hungry.
We have put for you above a list of what you can do to keep your cat healthy and in a good physical shape, we hope we did not forget anything else. Hope you enjoyed the article.